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The summer Senegal SST unit has returnedbut we'll leave the photos and stories here.

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They are pictured here with their respective host families. Their presence was noted, and the husband ended up going citg jail for several months and paying a fine to his wife. Every Wednesday, students take a break from lectures and French classes to meet linf the Zadi house where we have a worship service and discussions. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Somaliland.

This is very popular, non-violent sport in Senegal in which one person tries to make another fall.

Chwt, the winner gets a cow. Download as PDF Printable version. Student service asments Our students are currently in different towns and villages throughout the country for service. Lunch break during the batik painting which took a whole day. Katie also work in the ing department assisting them by entering finaicial datas in the computer. Coty work in agricultural projects--chicken and onions farms. The center offers computer training classes for people who qre computer illiterate.

Students are back from service After having spent about six weeks in different towns and villages of Dakar, our students got back on the July 19 all safe and in good spirit. Students learn Batik painting part 5 The final product.

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Visit to Saint-Louis On Friday the 14th, we left our classes and lectures to visit the colonial town of Saint-Louis, the first capital town in West Africa during French colonization. Becca, Rachel, Reimer, Sareen, Lindsay and Kyle go to nearby villages with teams to lone the training of women in the management of small credit unions.

Our first lecture was on "Senegalese Family Structure.

Family pictures Snapshots of students with their host families. Nick is in Mekhe, a village that is two and half hours north of Dakar. Here, Nick is holding a painting that he made at their workshop.

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Slaves would have spent as much as a year on the island before before being shipped senegall to the Americas. They made and served the traditional Senegalese tea while waiting and sharing experiences.

There were no hospitals for slaves. Aida pictured with Noka Zadi talked about the extended Senegalese family and the norms that exist within them.

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This group is creating awareness about AIDS, the environment, and good citizenship. Jenn and Rachel are both working at the village clinic. On Tuesday 20, all students met at the Zadi's. Marcos and Josh are in Diourbel working for WorldVision.

Second picture: At 3 pm, hostfamilies came to the Centre Socio-Culturel du Sacre-Coeur to meet and take their new "daughters" and "sons" home. They are pictured on their work sites and with their hostfamilies.

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She is pictured here with her hostsisters. Namespaces Article Semegal. She is pictured with her hostsister. Josh and Marcos live in separate houses in the small town of Diourbel, three hours East of Dakar.

Senegalese visa services

This is a cit that students had already learned and practiced in Dakar. Students learn batik painting part 2 Upon their arrival, each student was given a piece of white cotton. JosiahAlexand Rachel Brice are in Saint-Louis, three hours north of Dakar at a school of agriculture which operates vegetable and dairy farms. They played drums, the banjo, and the balafon.

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Every year, people take 24, tons of salt out of the lake, and the white dunes seen at the left of the picture are dunes of salt. They work for the Catholic Caritas organization in rural development projects. Tara and Karla are in the town of Bambey, working for a catholic organization. Goree island is 25 minutes by boat south east of Dakar.

Alburn is pictured while working. They live in the same family.

Karla is pictured with her host mother, Mme Marie-Madeleine Nkelle. The fourth picture shows a view of the town of Saint-Louis. They have done a lot of cleaning work, planted beans, taken care of chickens and cows. Goree island is a living museum. Students learn batik painting part 1 Students got on a car rapide minibus to get to the batik semegal workshop--notice the "American eagle" on the door. More than twenty million slaves over the course of three centuries passed through the island.

Nick has spent time painting and chatting with him and his apprentices. Marcos and Josh are both in the small town of Diourbel, about three hours east of Dakar. Activities in Samba Dia During our weekend in the village of Samba Dia, students partipated in two traditional activities.

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Students first practiced their de on a piece of paper, then drew it on the cloth. Miriam; Sarah and Alburn xenegal doing fine in the town of Saint-Louis. Fifth picture: Lyndsay Nance with her "mother," and Alex Miller with his "brother," all heading for home. Their job is to enter datas from files on the office computer. Jennifer and Rachel are in Samba Dia which the group visitedabout three hours south of Dakar.

After a break we start discussions.